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This is a list of episodes of the South Korean variety show Running Man in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Park Ji-sung made a special appearance on the 1st day ep 95 delivering missions and acted as the guest on ep 96 and IU only appeared on the 2nd day ep 96 and briefly on the 3rd day first half of ep Jong Tae-se only appeared on the 3rd day second half of ep 97 to compete in a mission. Yoo Jae-suk did not appear on the 3rd day second half of ep 97with Park Ji-sung acting as special host.

After each mission, the winning team could switch out who they believe is X-Man in their team. Daily Sports. December 14, Archived from the original on January 3, Retrieved December 14, Seoul NTN. December 28, Retrieved January 8, TV Report. January 20, Retrieved January 22, January 11, Retrieved January 10, February 5, Retrieved February 5, February 10, Retrieved February 12, February 7, Retrieved February 7, February 20, Retrieved February 21, SBS News.

March 17, Flower of Evil. Doctor Stranger. Running Man Zombie Detective. When I was the Most Beautiful. Korean Dramas. Romantic 2. Lie After Lie.

10 Best Female Guests in Running Man

The Heirs. Do You Like Brahms? Lawless Lawyer. Empress Ki. Love in Trouble Suspicious Partner. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? I Am Not a Robot. Descendants of the Sun. Legend of the Blue Sea. Dong Yi. The Beauty Inside.

Tale of the Nine Tailed. W Two Worlds. Princess Hours. Mom Has an Affair.However, not every female guest does well on the show. Some turn out to be total busts and only a few are a great fit.

Here are 10 of the best! Sulli with Kang Gary and Haha a. Sulli is always a pleasure to watch on Running Man. Her mere presence lights up the whole show. Han Hye Jin teamed-up with the two kids in the Asian Race to win the golden sword. The two kids gave her the prize. From the time she first appeared on-screen in Running Man to her last episode, Han Hye Jin went all out.

She was just playing the game from the get-go. When she was being lifted to a certain location, the PD asked her to lean back because her shirt was hanging low and was showing her. She also went all out in the nametag-tearing competition too. She even ambushed Lee Dong Wook and fought two guys on her own. In Family Outing, everyone was always scared of her because she always meant business and held the knife for cooking.

She carried that fierceness with her into Running Man and scared everyone, especially her two former castmates from Family Outing.

Yoo Jae Suk had already caught her but she still managed to hustle her way into the last challenge even though Yoo Jae Suk was fully aware of what she was doing. Her love interest with Kim Jong Kook was both enduring and funny. Every time she comes on the show, she makes sure she ends up with Kim Jong Kook, and every time she is teamed up, she is the one who ends up making sacrifices for Kim Jong Kook.

She is his protector and her desire to protect Kim Jong Kook is also her primary motivation in every challenge. She brought her A-game and played along with the cast. She openly said she was a fan of Kang Gary but when Kim Jong Kook said he is a big fan and the rest of the cast teased them, she played along. As mentioned above, she was very competitive. During the pressure mat game, everyone, including the commander, were wincing in pain.

Lee Bo Young took it like a man and put every guy to shame. She carried that through in Running Man, playing the same character for which she is known. Even though she was the very first guest, she was actually more experienced than other Running Man members in variety shows at that time.

Ha Ji Won is athletic and competitive and she gave her all in the competitions. She also played it Running Man style. She competed at the same level as the Running Man cast, bantering and strategizing and identifying loopholes so she could get ahead. It resulted in a lot of laughter and Running Man members were astounded at her wit several times. She gave it her all. She was one of those guests that does whatever is required of them.

She does it, enjoys it, and leaves the rest to chance. She is very close to Kang Gary and Haha and it was obvious on-screen. This also made Kim Jong Kook comfortable with her too and the dynamics of their team felt like an upgraded Commander and two kids.

running man iu episode

It was fun, carefree, and crazy. Unlike other guests, Han Hyo Joo is truly one of the boys and is treated as such. Nobody goes easy on her. She is not very strong physically but she knows how to think and strategize.Our website uses cookies to ensure its efficient functioning and to improve your experience.

Running Man (2012)

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Let's Make Kimchi Episode The Puzzle Game Episode The Romantic Comedy Episode Going To Thailand Episode The Amazing Football Match Episode The Wedding Race Episode The 1st Running Man Championship Episode Defending The Real Baggage Episode The Spy Game Episode This is a list of episodes of the South Korean variety show Running Man in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Jae-suk's guests. Gary's guests. Haha's guests. Suk-jin's guests. Jong-kook's guests.

Kwang-soo's guests. Ji-hyo's guests. Appeared in both episodes Seulong 2AM. Lee Seo-jin only appeared on the second day ep The other cast members were unaware of this until the final moments. Star Today in Korean. December 8, Retrieved December 9, January 5, Retrieved January 5, OSEN in Korean.

running man iu episode

January 19, Retrieved January 21, Star News in Korean. January 21, Newsen in Korean. February 3, A steady source of good laughs for the last ten years, the longest-running variety show on SBS Channel — Running Man, continues to mark its legacy as one of, if not, the most-loved entertainment program in Asia. Running Man premiered on July 11, Bringing in fun and beauty to its very first episode, well-loved celebrities Lee Hyori and Hwang Jung Eum joined as special guests.

Competing to win the race, the groups find secret codes in the huge T Shopping Mall in Seoul. With various abilities such as controlling mind, time, and space, obtaining three lives, having four clones, sixth sense, and the death note — the members excitingly and hilariously eliminate one another.

Imagine competing with the famous Jackie Chan in a South Korean variety show? Together with another special guest, Siwon from the legendary K-Pop boy group Super Junior, they gamely showed their goofiness and competitiveness in the games. Seven idol groups present in one episode?

Showing the mesmerizing beauty of Australia, they rode helicopters, jet skis, Beach ATVs, and more, to accomplish their exciting missions. Several famous antagonists in the K-drama land visited Running Man for an episode to remember!

Watch out as the impressive impromptu acts of the beautiful ladies might surprise you! Need we say more? A little spoiler to spice up your anticipation, Jong Kook unwillingly got stripped while playing basketball in the river! Certainly a massive treat! This episode showcased the many connections of Running Man members. With the mission of bringing in 93 additional guests in the show, the cast was able to impressively invite celebrities in just a couple of hours to make up their team of Watch and find out how exciting the name tag elimination happened!

Aside from gracing the show with their undeniably visual-blinding looks, Taeyeon, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Yoona, Tiffany, Sooyoung wowed the cast with their enthusiasm.

running man iu episode

Definitely hilarious! Try your luck by watching this episode of Running Man and test how strong you are in stopping yourself from laughing. And now, for a bonus treat!

Running Man - Episode 77

For its 9 th anniversary celebration, Running Man has recently gifted domestic fans with a special fan meeting in Seoul. Aside from these, there are definitely a lot more must-watch episodes of Running Man. Meanwhile, Filipino runners are surely excited to see their favorite variety stars very soon as around 10, tickets quickly sold out on its first day of selling. The powerhouse group of Korean Music Reviews. Photos From SBS. You may also like Hot Issues.

Index Korean Music Reviews.This is a list of episodes of the South Korean variety show Running Man in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. If the member chosen is already a Deity of Death, that chance would be forfeited. Otherwise, a hint related to the Snakes will be given instead. However, if the Captain goes for the inch TV over the member's prize, the team members will not receive a single prize. Otherwise, a prize badge is given to everyone on his team.


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running man iu episode

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