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Jiangyuan crossed into the world of Marvel! What has become the younger brother of Iron Man, does Iron Man have a younger brother? What is the situation when I am going to Afghanistan to open a weapons conference?

Fortunately, the brother has a golden finger, the ability to extract other creatures! Actually I am not getting approval for that………… But I am trying my best……. If I get the approval……. I will post it as soon as possible. Yes Bro…. I actually not getting the permission for this novel…… So I stopped this here. Your email address will not be published. Marvel Super Extraction. Marvel Super Extraction Jiangyuan crossed into the world of Marvel!

Marvel Super Extraction Rating. User Review 4. Chapter 4: Decision Chapter 5: killing Card?? Chapter 6: Surrounded by Gangsters!!! Chapter 7: Fight!! Chapter 8: Fight 2!! Chapter 9: By mistake, killed everyone!!!! Chapter attacking the enemy camp!! Chapter 17 Super long-range bombing!

Chapter Returns to US!!

These Gene Mutations Gave Some People Super Powers

Chapter sudden punch Chapter 24 killer strikes Chapter One Punch Chapter lets him shut up forever. Chapter Iron man upgraded version!! Chapter New Gene!


Chapter Electric eel Chapter extraction! Chapter Green Goblin suit. Chapter Dr.

super gene lnmtl

Lizard Chapter Jiang got kidnap! Chapter Spiderman is also kidnapped. KzA on November 5, at pm. Death reader on November 6, at am. Hank on July 24, at am. Else they are gonna be losing customer. Madman on November 8, at pm. I will post it as soon as possible Reply.Violet skies, a world undergoing massive changes, a deficient moon, interlinking voids… When the world experienced a cataclysmic event,the majority of living things ceased to exist.

Although humanity survived by hiding in the last safe zones, humans had to face mutated dire beasts and colossal source beasts that could break through the space barrier and enter the earth at any second. Luo Yunyang, a young man who grew up in those calamitous times, obtained an attribute regulator and set out to walk the path of supremacy!

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Description Violet skies, a world undergoing massive changes, a deficient moon, interlinking voids… When the world experienced a cataclysmic event,the majority of living things ceased to exist. Status in COO: Ongoing. Show more. Heavenly Venerate!


Massive Changes! I Can't Hear You Clearly! Chapter 1 day ago. Chapter 9 hours ago. Chapter January 5, Versatile Mage Chapter 13 hours ago. Chapter 13 hours ago. Reincarnator Chapter 14 hours ago. Chapter 2 days ago. Chapter 23 November 11, Chapter June 23, The future unfolded on a magnificent scale into the Interstellar Age. Humanity finally solved the space warp technology, but when humanity transported themselves into the other end, they discovered that place neither had a past nor future, nor was there any land under the starry skies…….

The mysterious sanctuary was actually a world filled with countless tyrannical unusual organisms. Humanity faced their great leap in evolution, starting the most glorious and resplendant new era under the starry skies. Randomly obtaining 0 to 10 points of God Gene s. Humanity finally solved the space warp technology, but when humanity transported themselves into the other end, they discovered that place neither had a past nor future, nor was there any land under the starry skies…… The mysterious sanctuary was actually a world filled with countless tyrannical unusual organisms.

No chapters They will be uploaded later on. Translation that you see on this page are machine translations For human translations visit Qidian International where it is being translated by Nyoi-Bo Studio.


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super gene lnmtl

Novel Updates Forum. Tags: super god gene. Which name fo you think sounds better for the MC? SixDesiresDec 27, VinnyOni1Dec 27, NarcoxDec 27, Nyamsus do u know what is the silver fox that is following him? NarcoxDec 29, NyamsusDec 29, Narcox likes this. Reading chapterand it's sad how homophobia creeps into these stories. One guy is perceived as a little gay and he is automatically considered untrustworthy and the author makes small jabs at him. VinnyOni1Dec 30, SphiinnxJan 8, NyamsusJan 9, This school arc so far feels like feeler and I care nothing about it.

I'm sure I might miss some big couple things. It's just damn annoying his leveling is slow as hell. Rule71Jan 11, ZersesJan 11, NyamsusJan 11, Hansen knows that because the gold crystal star territory is too strong, there will be great damage to the eyes. If there is an ink-clear animal to protect the eyes, not only can the eyes be protected. Influenced by those rays of sunlight, it is normal in the rays of the sun, and can still be seen farther.

Aristocrat who goes to the gold crystal star territory to dig the gene egg basically has a similar gene type. If not, then he can only buy it, otherwise he will enter the gold crystal star territory immediately.

super gene lnmtl

It will become a blind man. Naturally, there is no need for any ink-colored beast. The level of this gene type is too Low, the ability is too weak, go to some ordinary regions, and want to go deep into Divine Vein, only rely on the ink eye can not resist the strong glow, but also occupy a body fusion quota. Hansen nodded and was about to leave for the gold crystal star territory, but suddenly heard someone calling his name.

This time we are going to do a big job. How can we dig a few God Grade gene eggs? Go back with us. A group of more than a dozen people came over, headed by a white-sold old man, and talking about a middle-aged man wearing an armor, that An armor is gorgeous, and it is not a bargain at first glance. He likes to be with the courtiers. Why do we keep people from getting promoted and earned money? You know where you are, come back and catch up.

Said the bald head. After all, Hansen is now a screaming scream of everyone. It can be said that it is the deadly enemy of the entire aristocrat class. Recognizing that this friend will not only have a bad reputation, but also may have life risks.Discussion in ' Novel General ' started by Verethragna97Apr 5, Log in.

Novel Updates Forum. Favourite novels? Tags: novel. So what are your favourite novels right now? Just great in all aspects. Last edited: Apr 5, Verethragna97Apr 5, Human emperor Castle of black iron. TheLastAeonApr 5, Shini Yasui Koshaku Reijo to Shichi-nin no Kikoshi: deep and overarching plots, distinct characters with actual personalities and brain, creative magic systems Lucia: come for the smut, stay for the plot. Also, love the pragmatic protagonist Rebirth on the Doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau: heartwarming and cute story, but unexpectedly touches deep subjects Okoborehime to Entaku no Kishi: smart protagonist, intriguing premises, characters with depth and personalities, and great plot Kenkyo Kenjitsu: quirky characters, relatable protagonist, funny and simple plot that left us wanting for more.

The novels extra Stop! Friendly Fire I reincarnated for nothing The world online That time I got reincarnated as a slime the extra arc whenever we get a release. JesterApr 5, I've seen this happening a lot recently AstarothApr 5, Last edited: Apr 10, LokumiApr 5, Verethragna97 likes this.

RanedayApr 5, Causal ReaderApr 6, Practical Guide to Evil is really good. AboxApr 6, AstarothApr 6, ZeroBlinkApr 8, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password?Ever since the dimensional storms descended upon Earth, numerous dimensional zones have appeared, bringing with them all kinds of dimensional creatures—Immortals, Buddhas, Devils, Angels, Elves, etc.

Yet, all these strange dimensional zones can turn into dungeon instances on my phone. Other people risk their lives adventuring, I spend all my time gaming.

Monsters drop dimensional crystals that boost stats, imbue new skills, and join me as Companion Beasts. These Companion Beasts fight alongside me or alone, augmenting me with their skills and strength. Rare monsters in real life? I really need a blood transfusion. CultivationDemonsGame ElementsImmortals. Chapter no. And since human beings are the owners of the planet Earth, but don't worry, we have a protagonist here, so that he shows the pride of human beings and crush the superior living beings with his protagonist power.

It is a decent read so far i'm confident that i know where this are going at this point still enjoyable. Would recommend at his point. I continued to be patient to continue until chapters I would not recommend this novel because it wastes valuable time.

No nonsense stuff of forced enmity etc. World building is good and mysterious origin of his phone and ability pumps up your curiosity very much. Mc is growing up steadily and if you read properly you will notice that he really dont have time for girls and all when the whole world might be in danger a few years from now, he is busy in getting strong not wasting time in useless crap.

Comparable to super god gene without family stuff wife,kids and all though. Believe me get past the family thing in initial chapters and you will find it very interesting. This is poorly written. Author other novel " The Super Gene " is okay. But this Novel Its simply boring till now.

MC only cares about playing games Harem tag is fake i think. World building. There is no progress tuill now in story, I wish to see him banging ouyang Lan By reading this novel i get the same feeling when i read TheSperGene- annoying.

Wrong genre described, MC literally has no interest in anything beside playing games in his phone, the harem tag is wrong because MC simply don't care about any women, if when some of them were willing to strip in front of him, he didn't even took a look at them while simply playing games on his phone.

Let Me Game in Peace. Let Me Game in Peace Chapter

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